Nontix is the brainchild of Ian Smith who has enjoyed the exhilaration of hill walking in Argyll - Scotland for many years.

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Photograph "A"

 A small bag is pinned to the sock just above the boot or shoe on the outside of each leg.
Photograph "B"

A small bag is pinned to the top of the gaiter on the outside of each leg.

Dead head the Marigolds and harvest them in dry weather. Thoroughly dry before placing in the bag. 


The secret ingredient

The bag contents

The Nontix
Drawing No. 1 (Scale Full size)

Secret Ingredient :
A small bag* (see Drawing No 1) is pinned to the sock just above the boot or shoe (see photograph A), or (better) to the top of the gaiter
(see photograph B) on the outside of each leg.

The bag is filled with the dried heads of Marigold. If you don't have a garden or window box to grow marigolds, find a garden with marigolds, and offer to dead-head them for the owner - they should be delighted. The marigold heads should be harvested in dry weather, and thoroughly dried before use. The drying can be accelerated by placing the heads on a seed tray in a drying cupboard.

The bag is easy to attach using a small safety pin**, and requires
little maintenance other than drying out after use, if it has become
wet. It should be stored in a small polythene bag and kept in the dark,
when not in use. The lid of your rucksack is fine.

* Any cloth material which allows the smell of the marigold to pass through will be suitable. Extensive trials have been carried out with a cotton/linen mix.

**The pin should have a strong spring, ideally a 27mm long, hard wire safety pin. It is a smaller version of the safety pin used in your dry cleaning, and is made by Prym Fashion UK Ltd. It should be available at your nearest haberdashery wholesaler.

N.B. If you are brushing past vegetation higher than the level on your
body where the Nontix is pinned, it will be less effective. It will also
be less effective if you sit or lie directly on vegetation.

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