Nontix is the brainchild of Ian Smith who has enjoyed the exhilaration of hill walking in Argyll - Scotland for many years.

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Photograph "A"

 A small bag is pinned to the sock just above the boot or shoe on the outside of each leg.
Photograph "B"

A small bag is pinned to the top of the gaiter on the outside of each leg.
Nontix Container

 The bag is filled with the dried heads of Marigold.

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Need For Protection From Ticks ?

What are Ticks or ixodes ?

Ticks or ixodes:
Ticks or ixodes are tiny bloodsucking arachnids which attach themselves
to warm blooded vertebrates to feed. They are important as vectors or carriers of infectious diseases of man and animals. Of particular concern is the debilitating disease Lyme borreliosis, or Lyme disease.

Lyme disease can cause arthritis, arrhythmia, and affect the nervous system, eyes, kidneys and liver. It can also prove fatal.

Protection Currently Used:
Ticks become attached to a host when the latter brushes against ground vegetation where the ticks may be located. Generally on humans they move upwards from the boots or shoes until they contact accessible flesh.

Close-fitting impervious clothing gives good protection from ticks, but this may not be practicable in warm weather.

Various liquid repellents and insecticides give a measure of protection from ticks, but the use of these substances which are absorbed through the skin into the blood supply may be considered harmful or offensive by the user.

Removing Ticks

It is essential to remove any tick which has become attached to your body as soon as possible. Small ticks are best removed with the “Otom” tick remover obtainable from your vet – see . Larger ticks may be removed with chisel-pointed tweezers. The Trix Tick Lasso obtainable from will remove all sizes of common ticks. Take care not to break the body of the tick as you remove it. Apply antiseptic to the bite area, and keep an eye on it for several days after removing the tick. If a circular rash develops round the bite, immediately seek medical help. Antibiotics given timeously will prevent Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease

If you are unfortunate enough to contract Lyme disease from an infected tick because you didn’t get antibiotics early enough, there is a herbal cure using teasel tincture. Contact

 Email :